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The current U.S. education system is not set up to serve ALL families. 



The education environment
must resonant with the communities it serves.


There is a need for comprehensive efforts to reimagine language barriers, geography, cultural familiarity, and education stereotyping and discrimination, whether in the classroom or the workplace. We know that when an employee or student does not feel like they belong in a space, it hinders development, growth, output.


To thrive in any organization, leaders and employees must feel valued. To support cognizant organizational change, we acknowledge each individual’s experience within the organization, while supporting mission, vision, and values to develop strategies and processes that have buy-in from the entire organization. 


Ultimately, we empower employees to live in the best version of themselves and achieve their own goals within the organization. Our programs are designed to give participants opportunities to be authentic and intentional. Participants leave all programs with practice tools they can quickly implement in the workplace and their own lives.

Professional Development
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Parents serve as the first teachers and  are role models.

Parent Support & Advocacy

Economic and housing insecurity, lack of access to information about regional services and programs disproportionately affect families in underserved communities due to structural racism and create additional barriers. 

As a parent, you have the right to speak up for your child because you understand their needs.  Often, the support of a mediator to help resolve conflict can be beneficial to both parties. Navigating the communication process with an educational instititon responsible for a number of individuals can be extremely frustrating.  You are your child's strongest advocate and denial of service needed to support their educational rights should not be acceptable. 

Allow 1 Purpose Education to help you navigate the education system. We work with families and schools to create a culturally affirming and appropriate action plan to prepare families and their children for success, offering charitable services, through our 501c3 nonprofit arm, 1 Purpose Educate-Them . 

We invite you to take the first step and schedule a conversation with us to explain your situation. 


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