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About Us

Our Mission:

We are world changes, building capacity in others to do the same. We champion the cause of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the educational sector, aspiring to create a world where every learner, regardless of their background, feels valued, empowered, and welcomed.  We strive to dismantle barriers, foster unity, and promote equitable access to education, ensuring that all students can thrive and contribute to a more just and inclusive society. 

Our Vision:

To transform the educational landscape where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is the norm, and equity is the foundation. We envision a future where educational opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or ability. Through relentless advocacy, innovation, and collaboration, we aspire to be the Shirley Chisholm of the 21st century, leaving a legacy of educational excellence that empowers and unites generations to come.

"It is not enough to be involved - we must be committed to making difference." Shirley Chisholm


Slogan: "Leading the way to inclusive education, designing a fairer future for education, sparking change for diverse learning environments."

Our Montra:

Heroes advance equity! 


Our Values:







Social justice













Young leadership development


Consultation and Grant Support

We work with organizations, applying innovative educational support services that strengthen their programs, increasing their overall effectiveness and outreach. We offer grant management consultation and strategy implementation support for community DEIB efforts.

Professional Development

We support educators and organizations by designing, improving, and transforming the workplace environment, with strategies tailored to support the desired outcome. We conduct SWOT analysis and inform/implement strategies that foster a homonymous work environment offering individual empowerment through coaching and mentorship.

Parent Support & Advocacy

We help parents reimagine and advocate a better education system that improves student outcomes, enhances operational and administrative performance, and ensures equitable learning outcomes. We partner with the parent and teacher serving as a mediator when challenges arise. Tutoring for pre-k to 4, is also a service we offer. This support is offered through our nonprofit arm, 1 Purpose Educate Them.

The Role of Educators.jpeg

The role of educators is to teach students to see the strength within themselves. 



While the vision for 1 Purpose Education was birth over a decade ago, it was the awareness that COVID 19 erased decades of progress in education that ignited a passion in me to not allow those impacted to be left alone in the fight to thrive in an education system that has not properly equipped them to do so. I refuse to look back in 2031, shocked and disheartened by the graduation rate, when the third graders of 2022 are scheduled to graduate. COVID 19 was not the biggest travesty this world has seen. The biggest travesty would be to systematically perform as if it never did.

Your servant leader,



Architect of diversity and equity and pioneer of inclusive ed. I am a proud product of Memphis, TN, committed to doing my part to make a difference in this world in the industry of education. I was fortunate to serve faculty, staff and students at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center for 23-years with much of that time leading as Director for Special Events and Community Affairs. I was also fortunate to serve in the capacity of Director for Inclusive Programs and Services, and Deputy Director for the Summer Health Professions Education Programs (SHPEP) in the Access, Diversity and Inclusion department at the American Dental Education Association.


Every advancement within my career and educational journey has been a direct result of a burning passion to bring solutions that drive equity, diversity and inclusion.  From crafting meaning celebratory events that added value to the campus body, to appreciating university major stakeholders and donors, to leading major community health outreach initiatives; my goal has remained the same. The goal has always been to serve with the intention of making life better for internal and external communities, creating welcoming  and inclusive environments that humanity is supported in their quest to thrive and be well. 


Learning does not stop after grade school. Its new name is training.

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